if i wear an outfit one day and no one important is there to see it did i really wear the outfit

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i find it funny that “i like big butts” has always been a well-liked song, but as soon as Nicki Minaj samples it and shows off her amazing ass in a video, suddenly OH MY GOD WHAT A SLUT PUT THAT AWAY

like, it’s okay for a guy to talk about how much he loves butts
but it’s not okay for women to love their own butts

funny how that works

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Today is National Remind Your Fellow White Feminists That the 19th Amendment Only Gave White Women the Right to Vote Day


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Oh Uggs, how I hate you.

"Do you consider yourself a feminist?"
“I don’t really think about things as guys versus girls. I never have. I was raised by parents who brought me up to think if you work as hard as guys, you can go far in life.”

- Taylor Swift 2012

"As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities. What it seemed to me, the way it was phrased in culture, society, was that you hate men. And now, I think a lot of girls have had a feminist awakening because they understand what the word means."

- Taylor Swift 2014

—Growth (via swlft)

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I can’t tell any of the blonde girls apart (unless you count Taissa Farmiga), Or are they all the same blonde girl?


did this for toonikun's madoka fanbook back in April :D broood homura brooooood


did this for toonikun's madoka fanbook back in April :D broood homura brooooood

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how can you not see ableism as a feminist issue

autistic girls, especially black autistic girls, are misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed because of the focus on white cis boys and how they present as autistic

disabled girls and women often have their consent violated, both in medical procedures and otherwise, our bodies and minds are often not considered are own and we are dismissed as not having the capacity to make our own decisions

on top of that many disabled girls are seen as delusional and their speaking out about the abuse they have face, by whatever communication method, is often seen as them making things up and over reacting

many disabled women are fetishised and seen as an outrageous ‘thing’ to fuck, but are not seen as human

disabled girls, especially physically disabled girls, do not live up to ideas of beauty in our society and often have extreme self esteem issues

disabled women and girls face more shit than you could ever know and I need you to understand

Ableism. Is. A. Feminist. Issue.


Okay. I’ll watch The Bling Ring, why not.


I backed this up three times to get the exact caps I wanted, and every single time I couldn’t help but laugh. There’s just so very much here that delights me.

That Rei immediately sees through whatever disguise magic is in place to protect Senshi identities (and I think we can probably keep assuming there’s something until proven otherwise) and recognizes Usagi is fantastic. And I mean Sailor Moon is pretty obscured by a rainbow icee right now, so I feel fairly confident in guessing there’s some psychic connection shit happening here too.

But then Rei doesn’t just see Usagi, she sees Usagi LIKE THIS


Remember Usagi ACTUALLY looked like this:


Which is still all kinds of swooning, but the Usagi in REIVISION has an exuberance happening that goes above and beyond even the reality.



Rei is seeing Usagi with her own heart right now more than her eyes. When she thinks of Usagi, this is what comes to mind: a girl overflowing with love and happiness, and it’s all for Rei.

That Rei’s seeing it while Usagi’s in the middle of getting her ass kicked is just extra funny.

I must note that while the subtitles decided to skip this (a real crime, I think), Rei says “Usagi-chan”. This entire episode, Rei’s been saying “Usagi-san”.


The change is important. That it’s happening NOW is important. The last thing Rei knew, she was rushing off to rescue Usagi, and that act alone was significant. Still, even as Rei was running to the rescue, she was keeping distance between them.

When she wakes up, she’s facing her vision of Usagi in danger come true. Only it’s not quite what she was expecting, because Usagi’s different, just like her. Rei replaces her image of Power Usagi with Happy Usagi Full Of Love, and realizes that it IS possible to be both.

Usagi got a taste of what it was like to be Rei, and it encouraged Rei to open up just a little. Now, after all that fear, after deciding to leave her sanctuary, after deciding Usagi was more important that all of that, Rei is facing her first real moment of connecting with someone. Someone who looks at her like Usagi does. Someone who already loves her.

Rei saying “Usagi-chan” here shows how, whether she realizes it or not, Rei already loves her back, too.

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“She’d spoken of their happiness as though it were an undeniable fact, no matter what happened—apart from everything else and not subject to it. It was a new idea for him, that happiness wasn’t a mystical place to be reached or won—some bright terrain beyond the boundary of misery, a paradise waiting for them to find it—but something to carry doggedly with you through everything, as humble and ordinary as your gear and supplies. Food, weapons, happiness.”
—Laini Taylor, Dreams of Gods and Monsters